G.R.A.C.E., Our Movie Nights

Every Friday at 5pm, Grace Lutheran hosts a movie night. Below is the "annual report" written by Kris Hyde. Please join us for movie night. We'd love to have you!

We have laughed, we have cried, we have bonded and we say good bye to 2013. Another year has come and gone. I am asked for my annual report......I could easily take last years' and copy and paste it. My vision of a good time with great people is still the same with a few minor adjustments. I know what Movie Nights means to me....however, I decided to ask the attendees & volunteers what it means to them.......and this is what I got:

Thomas Piper, Attendee
Thomas Piper on what Grace, Our Movie Nights means to him..... (via video & audio memo) "Hi, my name is Thomas Piper. I'm at the Grace Lutheran Church and I just wanted to basically talk about what the Saturday night movies means to me. Being visually impaired, completely blind, it's nice to have movie night, where there's a safe place for individuals to go....especially if you're disabled. The movies are nice, there's snacks in between the movies ......and there is usually plenty of food for a person, and it's really a great place to go for those of us who are disabled and find ourselves disenfranchised and shut in, so it's really a good thing that we have a movie night here at Grace Lutheran Church and I would really be devastated if it were to end. Because, hey, it gives me a chance to get out of the house, to interact with people, to catch up on movies and events, and also to have dinner with other people.... cause I'm usually alone when I eat. So it's a good thing, and I do appreciate having Movie Night here at Grace Lutheran Church. Thank you."~ Thomas Piper (Attendee)

"Movie Night is an opportunity to enjoy the company of Grace friends and to connect with people from the local community who are not church members. It is especially rewarding to offer some food and a place to relax for a few hours to our homeless visitors."~R N Griffin (Grace Member, Volunteer)

Terry Thomas on what Grace, Our Movie Nights means to him...... (via video & audio memo) "Movie night? I love Movie Night. It's really fun. They play good movies and we also get to watch Wonder Woman in the beginning....and this is a nice change of pace that gets you to do other things..... other than the same old thing. I hope we have it for a while. Thank you."~ Terry Thomas (Attendee, assists with break down and setting up of Sunday Morning Coffee for service)

" I started working and attending movie night last winter & found it a great event & vital function for our church. A mixture of church members and our friends from the street, it gives us a tremendous opportunity both for fellowship and serving. Kris does an excellent job of preparing the food, picking movies and catering to the needs of the attendees with his fellow servers and popcorn man at the ready, although we are not catching "first run movies" there has been a little bit of something for everybody. We tried "serving the masses" at first, but due to several disruptive forces we had to restructure it and charge a small fee in which they still get much more than they pay for. From our "special projector" to our magic wall screen, It is my opinion a neat event that I have had to miss for the last few months, sparing one off night do to work obligation. The major disappointment to me is that more of our members don't attend and I think that it points to a major problem we have, here that is, if it doesn't fit our needs or isn't what we feel is done our way we don't attend. If we are indeed so tolerant and diverse, it seems that it would show on a more consistent basis....... Those who miss out are missing out on being a part of a very special movie night crew and an excellent experience. I am looking forward to being a part of it for many more movie nights to come!!!!"~ David Chuber (Grace Member, Volunteer)

"Movie nights at Grace Lutheran probably means as much to me and the other volunteers, as it does to the attendees. True, it's a safe place for anyone to come enjoy a free movie, everything from classics to contemporary films, but more importantly, Kris has provided a friendly and personable environment that gives everyone an opportunity of having a hot meal and a smile...two things that 
many of the movie night regulars don't necessarily get on a daily basis. So if you want to come see what all the hoopla is about, see a good flick, and have dinner with friends...come by Grace Lutheran Fridays at 5. Hope to see you there."~ Shawna Nutley (attends regularly, Volunteer)
Kris in Jurassic Park!

These are just a few of the amazing people that have attended this event. They came in for a movie.....and they seem to have left with a lot more. I think the message is clear and the mission has been defined: In this world that reports hate and anger first.......(through media)...... a small paradise is offered through our little church. A place where they can feel safe and break bread together.... G.R.A.C.E., Our Movie Nights. We have added a suggested donation price of $1.00 and it seems to be paying for it's self, for the most part. Continuing making a calendar listing for Facebook, the congregation and updating the group page, sticking to the new formula for fun: 

G - Is for General fun for the whole family.
R – Is for Romance.
A – Is for Action & Adventure.
C - Is for Comedy.
E – Is for Everything from : Television, Stand-up, Foreign Films, Documentaries, Concerts*****

Kris Hyde

The upcoming schedule for movie night is:
Feb. 7: Pretty Woman (1990); The New Adventures of Wonder Woman (episode 17 of 22)
Feb. 14: Valentine's Day (2010); The New Adventures of Wonder Woman (episode 18 of 22)
Feb. 21: How to Marry a Millionaire (1953); The New Adventures of Wonder Woman (episode 19 of 22)
Feb. 28: Mulan (1998); The New Adventures of Wonder Woman (episode 20 of 22)

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