Dialogue: Racism

“Men hate each other because they fear each other, and they fear each other because they don’t know each other, and they don’t know each other because they are often separated from each other.”      Dr. Martin Luther King

 Dialogue: Racism provides a safe, respectful and loving atmosphere for individuals to learn new information, share their experiences, ask questions-to dispel the fears; get to know each other, and to stop the separation.

Grace Lutheran Church
2515 Waugh Drive
Houston, TX 77006
9:00 A.M. -4:30 P.M.


Defining prejudice and racism: Over view of the history of intolerance in America using the DVD The Shadow of Hate”.

How racism is perpetuated: Childhood experiences, misinformation and segregation.  The “Eye of the Storm” DVD chronicles Jane Elliott, now famous, exercise where she divides her class based upon the color of their eyes and bestows upon one group privileges and on the other group impediments.

Unaware racism and White Privilege: Confronting this country's history of White privilege. DVD “White Privilege 101” Filmed at the National White Privilege Conference.

Stereotypes and how they affect us: The Awarding-winning documentary, “Ethnic Notions”, shows the deep-rooted stereotypes and dehumanizing caricatures that have fueled anti-Black prejudice.

Cultural racism: The film “Healing the Hurts” depicts the effects of residential schools on Native-Americans.

Internalized racism: When the anger, hurt and frustration turn inwardThe short film “Shadeism, explores the discrimination that exists between the lighter-skinned and darker-skinned members of the same community and how it affects young women within the African, Caribbean, and South Asian Diasporas.

Institutionalized racism: The systems that affect us daily: media, justice system, educational system, health care system, and economic system. The DVD of the keynote address by Michelle Alexander on her book “The New Jim Crow” In her research she states “There are more African Americans under correctional control today -- in prison or jail, on probation or parole -- than were enslaved in 1850, a decade before the Civil War began”.

Oneness of humanity: Race is a human invention. The DVD Race-Power of an Illusion "One of the most honest and compelling documentary series on race and its impact on this nation's culture and politics, as well as on the economic status of nonwhite citizens

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Some DVDs maybe changed to better achieve the programs objective.

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