Pentecost Thank You!

The following is a thank you letter from Laura Bourdo, a Grace Lutheran Member and coordinator for the joint service of Pentecost. 

The Pentecost Birthday Party was a great time! Inspired worship, delicious food, and presents!

I would like to thank Victor Lynn Schill, Janis and Bridget from the Upper Room Community, and the Grace Creative Worship Group for leading the service creation, and James Lee for getting the bulletin together. 

Jonathan and the Grace Choir -- you were superb!

Rose Aragon and family, the gifts were perfectly wrapped, and I'm thinking you came back just to help with that -- thank you! 

Homilists Robert, Channing, Victor, Barbara Carroll, Charles Bradley Wilson, Mario, and Nanette RN Griffin -- you brought my words to beautiful life, and I am deeply grateful.

And in the kitchen -- Marvin and Craig, Rickie, and Nanette -- that wonderful meal would NOT have been possible without you!! Steven J Walker and Victor, thanks for the help buying the food, and Victor and Nanette for the beautiful room and altar.

Thanks, too, to all of you who stayed to clean-up. Perhaps the least glamorous job of a congregational event, and you did it all with speed and aplomb.

And lastly, Hal Core and Wil Birchard Snodgrass III for your pictures.

It never ceases to amaze me how Grace responds when called upon. We celebrated this birthday party with over 35 people -- on a Sunday evening, and when most had already been to church that morning. Your hard work and dedication is an inspiration to me. It is a privilege working to the glory of God with all of you folks!

Peace and blessings,