In honor of Bobbie Geiger

Today we sadly said goodbye to our sister Bobbie Geiger, and celebrated her passing to eternal life.  Delon McKinley Washington was not able to be present at the memorial service, but wrote this poem in honor of Bobbie, and it captured so much of what we said at the service:

You will be missed
Gaze of her good morning kiss
She was a woman with eternal bliss.

She taught you to
love yourself and each other.
To me she was
a darling mother.

She didn't care about
your race,
or sexual orientation.
In her mind we were all
one nation.

To her it didn't matter
Love is something we gather.
She just wanted to
bring people together.

Love is a blessing
from the good Lord above.
She showed you unconditional love.

When things were wrong,
when things were bad
She didn't depend on man
She totally left
it in God's hands.

We can lose our fortune
We can all relate
But one thing she didn't
loose was her faith.

Joy to the world
Joy to you
Bobbie Geiger we will miss you.

This rhyme has got me
on a natural high
for it is hard to say

Thank you God for
bringing Bobbie Geiger
into our lives.

It will take more
than words to describe this woman
just like Madeline,
she was more than a woman.

Rest in Peace
my Darling