From Our Hearts to Theirs: The El Buen Pastor Cross Project

Remember how much fun we had together a couple of years ago, when we made the flower banner – and how pleasing it is to have it hanging behind the altar at Grace?  Well, it’s time to rev up your creative juices and get ready for some more rampant congregational creative expression!  This time, however, we’re not making something for ourselves.  We’re making a love gift for the members of El Buen Pastor Lutheran Church in El Salvador.

Hopefully, you now know about member Rene Garcia’s LGBT mission work to El Buen Pastor, which Grace is helping to support in various ways.  Many of you have also met Pastor Julio, who serves El Buen Pastor, and who was here to visit and preach recently. 

Our Creative Worship Group has been considering ways that we, as a congregation, can do more than just make monetary donations to show our support.  They asked me to lead the process of making a worship banner for Rene to deliver when he visits El Salvador in June, but I discovered that New Hope Lutheran Church in Missouri City had already given them a banner.  Something new was called for, and I thought of making an altar cross for our Salvadoran friends.  Rene checked with Pastor Julio, and the idea was warmly received, so the plan was set.

This is the El Buen Pastor Cross Project in a nutshell:
-          Base cross (3 ½ feet tall) made of oak wood from an old church piano
-          Base cross covered with well-wishes from Grace members, on colored paper and coated with a high-gloss finish
-          Small (2 to 4 inch) crosses, donated from a home collection, purchased, or made by members of Grace, and attached to the base cross with old piano wire.

The result will be a warm, brightly-colored altar cross that is full of meaning for both congregations.  We will truly be giving a gift from our hearts to theirs.

Please see the next article for details on the April part of the project.

Laura Bourdo