El Salvador Cross Project

The Salvadoran cross project (for El Buen Pastor Lutheran Church) is finally out of the planning stages and underway.  The smell of fresh cut wood is still in my nose.
The old piano wood has been trimmed, cut to size, and angled for assembly.  It will be roughly sanded and then put together in time for the service at Grace next Sunday, when we will all be reminded of the project and our parts in it.
We will be passing out colored pieces of paper this coming Sunday, and are asking everyone to fill that paper with prayers for El Buen Pastor, perhaps with poetry or song lyrics that inspire you spiritually and which you'd like to share with them, or maybe a picture of you or your family and a bit of your story.  Use your creative imagination as you share something that is encouraging and uplifting!

Remember, this cross is being gifted to El Buen Pastor as a way to establish ties with that church and their work in El Salvador.  All members and friends of Grace have been asked to participate in this cooperative project.
Please keep your eyes on updates here for what's been done, and what's coming up!
Laura Bourdo