Lenten Evening Prayer at Grace Lutheran

A mural of Oscar Romero reads 
"I offer my blood for the redemption and resurrection of El Salvador.
 [May it] be a seed for the freedom of El Salvador"

During the season of Lent Grace will host a special series of Evening Prayer services, on Wednesday nights at 7 pm, featuring the words of El Salvador’s Archbishop Oscar Romero.  Martyred in 1980 by a political assassin, Romero’s sermon writings have become the gold standard for those speaking to issues of justice and peace in the world, specifically through the church.  His words will be presented this Lent by three members of Grace, by Bishop Mike Rinehart, and by visiting pastor Julio Cesar Chavez Aguilar, each Wednesday evening for the next five weeks.  Join us for what promises to be a unique and fulfilling series about Justicia y Paz – Justice and Peace.