All Saints Day

 "O when the Saints Go Marching In!  O Lord, I want to be in that number...."

Every year the church celebrates all the saints that have come before us.  We rejoice to be among a great throng of people who have worshipped God, done good in the world, and built the church.  We proclaim that they are still alive in God, and surrounding us in our lives.

In the Lutheran church, we don't believe that any saint was ever perfect, only perfectly forgiven.  And we believe that we, also, are not perfect, but perfectly forgiven!  And so for Lutherans, every believer is one of the saints of God.

On this day, we hear texts promising us that God will wipe away every tear, God will heal all our hurts, and God will bring us, in the end, to great everlasting life.  We mourn those we have lost in our lives, and yet rejoice that, in Christ, we are all saints together, dancing around God's throne.

We invite you to celebrate the day of the Holy, All Saints Day, with us this Sunday, November 4 at 10:30am.