Giving Thanks at Grace

Greetings, Great Gracians!

I give thanks every day for you, and for the amazing work that we do together!

Every once in a while, it’s good to check in about how we’re doing with that work.  We’re going to do some of that this month. 

We’ll base our reflections in our Mission Statement, Core Values, and Reconciling in Christ Statement.  Because they’re supposed to be saying what we do and how we do it, right? 

For the first three Sundays in November we’ll take some time during worship service, in place of announcements and choir anthem, to reflect on each of these pieces. You’ll have a chance to answer, in writing or in a face to face conversation, how you think Grace is meeting our Mission Statement (first week), Core Values (second week) and Reconciling in Christ Statement (third week.) Each week you’ll also be given a chance to ask yourself what you’re willing to commit financially to help us do the work we’re doing, and how you, personally, have helped the congregation with our Mission Statement, Core Values, and Reconciling in Christ Statement. At the same time, we will be collecting nominations for Council Members and Montrose Grace Place Board Members to lead us in these goals. You see we’re getting a lot done at once!

I invite you to take some time now praying about these things.  Read our Mission Statement, CoreValues, and Reconciling in Christ Statement again. Do they speak to you?  Are you connected to them?  How do you want to help us live them out? 

Then listen.  Each of you has the Holy Spirit whispering in your ear. Each of you has a unique voice to add to our discussions. Each of you belongs, helping Grace Lutheran live out these values.

I give thanks for each and every one of you. I give thanks for a congregation centered in mission. I give thanks for the work we do together. And even more, I give thanks for the amazing grace of God that we experience together!

Pastor Lura
Ps- I give thanks for the pie we’re going to eat too!