Grace Lutheran’s annual Pet Blessing

At Grace Lutheran, all people are welcome, and blessed by God. Once a year, we welcome animals of all kinds!  In jest and in seriousness, Pastor Lura Groen agreed to bless dogs, cats, elephants, geckos  imaginary puppies, sour dough starter, and chia pets.

On October 20th, Grace members, friends, and neighbors gathered in Lamar Park with our animal companions.   People brought dogs, one brave cat, a hamster, and pictures of animals unable to be present with us.   We celebrated a brief worship service, praising God with all creation, renewing our promises to care for the earth and all creatures on it, and then prayed for the pets with us and in our hearts.  Each animal received a blessing from Pastor Lura, thanking God for them, their love for their human, and asking God’s protections upon them. 
Pastor Lura and Grace members enjoyed the beautiful weather in the park for another hour, offering blessings to animals and humans who passed by.

Pastor Lura returned home covered in doggy kisses, and wondering who had truly blessed who.