Grace Lutheran, Time, Talent and Treasures at Work

              CCSC, have you heard this term mentioned at Grace?  Well, just in case you did not know what CCSC stands for, the answer is - Christian Community Service Center. CCSC is a coalition of 43 local (Houston)  churches standing together to serve the poor, hungry, homebound disabled and otherwise needy while respecting their religious, ethnic or cultural differences.   Grace Lutheran is one of those 43 churches.

              In 2010, Gethsemane Food Pantry (GFP) served 21,831 individuals from 5,547 households! Over the past three years, CCSC has continually increased the hours of operation. In July, Saturday mornings were added to the schedule, resulting in 15 hours per week. CCSC's premise is to provide each family/individual's request with a five day supply of food containing nutritionally balanced items. Pantry funding is obtained through area churches, individual donors and community organizations.

Weekly, Gethsemane Food Pantry utilizes approximately 75 volunteers to help our neighbors in need.