Daily Lenten Readings for Feb 28

These readings are for your daily prayer and Scripture reading for this season of Lent.  They are chosen to compliment the readings for each Sunday.  I believe that any time you read Scripture, the Holy Spirit can speak to you, but I think you will get the most out of these Scripture readings if you read them thinking about Sunday’s Scripture readings, and if you read as many as possible.  

These are the readings that we will use for our daily telephone prayers at noon (you can find the text of the daily prayer here To participate call 218-632-0550 and enter Access Code 302445#).  If you are praying on your own, you will know that you are still reading in unity with others. 

-Pastor Lura

Job 5:8-27

8"As for me, I would seek God,
and to God I would commit my cause.
9He does great things and unsearchable,
marvelous things without number.
10He gives rain on the earth
and sends waters on the fields;
11he sets on high those who are lowly,
and those who mourn are lifted to safety.
12He frustrates the devices of the crafty,
so that their hands achieve no success.
13He takes the wise in their own craftiness;
and the schemes of the wily are brought to a quick end.
14They meet with darkness in the daytime,
and grope at noonday as in the night.
15But he saves the needy from the sword of their mouth,
from the hand of the mighty.
16So the poor have hope,
and injustice shuts its mouth.
17"How happy is the one whom God reproves;
therefore do not despise the discipline of the Almighty.
18For he wounds, but he binds up;
he strikes, but his hands heal.
19He will deliver you from six troubles;
in seven no harm shall touch you.
20In famine he will redeem you from death,
and in war from the power of the sword.
21You shall be hidden from the scourge of the tongue,
and shall not fear destruction when it comes.
22At destruction and famine you shall laugh,
and shall not fear the wild animals of the earth.
23For you shall be in league with the stones of the field,
and the wild animals shall be at peace with you.
24You shall know that your tent is safe,
you shall inspect your fold and miss nothing.
25You shall know that your descendants will be many,
and your offspring like the grass of the earth.
26You shall come to your grave in ripe old age,
as a shock of grain comes up to the threshing floor in its season.
27See, we have searched this out; it is true.
Hear, and know it for yourself."

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