Prayer for World AIDS Day

On December 1 the City of Houston observed World AIDS Day at Tranquility Park. Rev. Lura Groen, pastor of Grace Lutheran Church, delivered the following invocation at the observance:

Let us call out together to the Love at the Center of the Universe,

God of our ancestors, Spirits of our ancestors,
Mourn with us and remember all the beautiful people we have lost!

Un-namable Divine energy that moves through all the earth,
Move through the bodies of those living with HIV, grant them health.

Divinity that takes form in myriads of Gods and Goddesses,
We thank you for the power and strength you have shown in all the myriads who
live with and fight HIV.

Great Spirit who created all this great earth,
Give us guidance and wisdom to find a cure.

God, the All-Compassionate and All-Merciful,
Bless caregivers, give them strength.

Divinity that is no God at all but the goodness in human hearts,
Move us to create systems that deliver medicine to all those who need it.

God who leads the people of Israel out of Slavery,
Lead those who judge, turn away, or simply don’t care, out of prejudice and closed minds.

God who takes flesh and dwells among us,
Come, be in our midst, right here, right now.

In all your many names we pray,

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