Reformation Sunday Service and Potluck

Lutherans celebrate the last Sunday in October as “Reformation Sunday,” a time to remember our legacy of asking uncomfortable questions, and celebrating the wonderful heritage of the Lutheran tradition.  This being Grace, of course, we’ve got to do this with impeccable panache, and just a touch of humor.  Join us this Sunday, Oct 30, for the 10:30 communion service which will be held jointly with our friends at the Upper Room, a progressive Catholic worship community. (That’s right, we’re inviting the Catholics to celebrate the Reformation!) The service will feature a blending of both communities worship traditions with some new reformational ideas thrown in, including a dialogue sermon between Pastor Lura and Joanne from Upper Room.

After the service join us for one of Grace’s famous potlucks.  Traditionally we’ve brought our favorite red foods to this potluck in celebration of the day, but food of any color is welcomed.

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