Book Review: Donovan's Big Day

Newman, Leslea
Donovan’s Big Day
Tricycle Press, 2011.

So, what is Donovan’s “Big Day”?  Well, it’s big enough that when he wakes up in the morning he does not laze around in bed, he pays particular attention to not being messy with his breakfast, he does not leave the bathroom in a big mess after washing and brushing up, he dresses in new pants, shirt, tie, jacket, and shoes, he stays inside so he will not wrinkle his clothes or scuff his shoes, and he takes particular care of a little white satin box that he keeps in his inside jacket pocket.     

Wow!  That’s a lot of pressure for a kid.  But, you see, Donovan’s” big day” is that he is attending a wedding and is the ring bearer for the happy couple.  And, he does a great job being the ring bearer.  When the time comes, Donovan opens the box very carefully, and hands one shiny gold ring to Mommy, and one shiny gold ring to Mama.  And, after the wonderful words, “I now pronounce you wife and wife,” Donovan joins in the celebration and kisses the brides!

Leslea Newman’s picture book celebrates gay marriage in a delightful way through the eyes of a young child and would make a wonderful gift for kids and adults alike.  Happy Reading!