Church and State, A Lutheran Perspective

Martin Luther Presents
theAugsburg Confession
to EmperorCharles V

(from the Luther Transept
windows at Grace
Lutheran Church)

What does the Lutheran tradition have to say about the relationship between church and state? Join Grace Lutheran Church on Wednesday nights at 7:45, after the evening prayer service, as we discuss this timely topic. Running for three weeks, starting August 17th, we’ll hold an open discussion about historic Lutheran perspectives and their modern-day applications.

“Lutherans have an almost 500 year tradition of wrestling with the proper relationship between secular and religious authority,” says Grace’s pastor Rev. Lura Groen. “We tend to think of ‘the separation of church and state’ as a uniquely American idea, but Martin Luther was writing about it in the 16th century.”

The class will be an open discussion. While the writings of Luther and the traditional creeds and confessions of Lutheranism will be presented, attendees are encouraged to express their own opinions and beliefs.

Grace Lutheran Church is located at 2515 Waugh Dr in Houston, TX. A member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, we are a vibrant urban church that welcomes all people.

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