Sing for your Summer!

Yes, that's right, I said summer, not supper, yet we sometimes get supper too as an added bonus for making such joyful noises - music for God's glory!

Summertime is often when we get a little break in our busy lives to maybe try out something new or something we've just not quite had the courage to do yet. If singing is one of those things for you, well, this is a great opportunity with no strings attached for you to give it a try now! How about it - adding to the music of Worship @ Grace is the only consequence, and a fulfilling one too, once you've given it a try.

SUMMER CHOIR as I like to call it, is a time of in and out for many regular members with summer vacations, workshops, conferences and what not, so I like to invite any and all who'd like to come try it out at this time. A simple 1 hour practice on Wednesdays from 6-7 in the church is all it takes to get familiar with the music for upcoming Sunday's Worship service and then we meet on Sunday morning @ 10 to's that simple and easy, not scary or intimidating, and I bet you'll feel quite peaceful and fulfilled in your endeavors with the choir all done for the Glory of God! And as an added bonus, you might learn some basic singing technique and musicianship too. Hope to see you this summer!

Soli Deo Gloria!
Matt Proulx

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