Grace Hosts “Love Makes a Family”

The traditional image of family in the United States has been, for the last century, the “nuclear” family, consisting of a father, a mother, and 2.3 children. Currently in our society, the debate rages about perceived threats to this image by the increasingly vocal effort to include households with same-gender parents in the definition. In an effort to educate the public about the need to recognize, support, and celebrate the full range of diversity in families today, the Family Diversity Projects of Amherst MA has developed a traveling photo exhibit of twenty LGBT families and their stories. This exhibit, entitled, “Love Makes a Family,” will be on display at Grace from May 7-12.

It has been said that the only real way to overcome prejudice is to get to know the “other.” This is the purpose of this exhibit: to overcome cultural bias against LGBT families by helping people to get to know them and their stories.

In addition to the week’s display, Grace will be co-hosting a community event with The Transgender Center on Saturday, May 7, from 6-9 pm, at Grace. The evening will include a time for viewing the exhibition during a wine and cheese reception, a panel of speakers who will address various aspects of the definition of family in our society today, followed by a Q&A session and small group discussion.

The speakers on tap are Suzanne Byerly (legal issues surrounding the foster placement and adoption of children by LGBT couples), Deb Murphy of HATCH (what happens when families reject their LGBT children), a representative from the Human Rights Campaign (what we can do to effect change from within our legal system), and Bishop Mike Rinehart (recent changes in the Evangelical Lutheran Church regarding the definition of family). This promises to be a fascinating discussion.

As mentioned, we will be hosting a wine and cheese reception that night, and we need your help with food and drink, decorations, and kitchen support. Sign-up sheets will be in the Fellowship Hall starting on April 10.

We are publicizing this event to the entire Houston area, so we are expecting up to 150 people. Your support and participation are vital. Space will be limited, so reservations for seating will be required, even though this event is free. Please send an email to with “Love Makes a Family” in the subject heading to reserve your seats prior to May 2.

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