“Love Makes a Family” Photo Exhibit Coming to Grace

Grace has the distinct privilege of hosting the outstanding and nationally recognized photo exhibit, “Love Makes a Family,” the week of May 7 – 12. This exhibit of exquisite portraits of LGBT families, complete with their stories, is a powerful statement about the need for public education regarding families of all definitions.

We are getting the exhibit, free of charge, from the Family Diversity Projects out of Amherst, MA (www.familydiv.org), and it will be on display in the fellowship hall all of that week so that it can be seen and enjoyed not only by the congregation, but by all of our building users, as well.

In addition to the week’s display, Grace will be co-hosting a community event on Saturday, May 7, with the Transgender Center. The evening will include a viewing, a reception, a panel of speakers who will address governmental, religious, non-profit, and advocacy aspects of the discussion about the definition of family in our society today, followed by a question and answer session and small group discussion.

This will be promoted in the community, all across Houston, and space is limited, so make plans now to reserve your spot when we begin taking reservations next month.

As mentioned, there will be a reception – for up to 150 people – and we will need your help to put this together. Food and drink donations, decorations, and crews to help set up, serve, and break down will be needed. As we get closer to the date, we will begin actively recruiting volunteers for these things, but it’s never too early to begin thinking about what you can do to make this terrific event happen.

More information coming soon!

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