Equality Texas Lobby Day is March 7

Equality Texas Lobby Day is March 7th. Grace Lutheran Church is proud to partner with Equality Texas by encouraging people of faith to become actively engaged in the legislative process. Lobby day is an opportunity for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people and those who care about them to come to Austin and speak, face to face, with state lawmakers about the decisions that affect their lives. Participants are asked to register on-line at www.eqtxlobbyday.com Lobby Day is free, but pre-registration is requested so that plans can be made for meals, which are provided.

Lobby Day starts with breakfast and check-in at First United Methodist Church of Austin, located adjacent to the State Capitol. A press conference follows at 9:00 am on the capitol’s front steps. Participants will then receive a brief training on what to expect when meeting with elected officials before dividing up into groups of four or five and heading to the capitol.

Each group will meet with several capitol offices and have an opportunity meet, face to face, with decision makers. After a break for lunch at noon the groups will continue with their meetings before returning to First United Methodist Church for a debrief and to write thank you letters to the offices they visited at three.

“It seems shocking, but there are members of the Texas Legislature who honestly believe that they do not have LGBT constituents”, said Daniel Williams, field coordinator for Equality Texas. “It is absolutely vital that we talk to them, often and en masse. Lobby Day provides a prime opportunity to do that.”

The Texas Legislature meets on odd numbered years during the spring. Equality Texas has sponsored Lobby Day every legislative session since 2003. Last session, in 2009 over 400 people participated.

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