Xzavier’s Volunteer Journey

[Grace Lutheran Church is privileged to host Montrose Grace Place, a safe, welcoming environment for vulnerable homeless youth of all sexualities and gender identities, providing nourishment, healthy relationships, and hope for the future. Read more about Montrose Grace Place on the Grace Place page) Xzavier volunteers each week, organizing the Grace Place clothes closet. This is his story:]

Xzavier poses with blankets in the Montrose Grace Place clothes closetI’ve been young and homeless. I know the demands and the effects it has on people. Grace Place is such an important ministry. We have to take care of our youth and help them turn out a better situation than what they are going through.

Every week I come to the church and organize the clothes closet. I choose to spend my time here in the church because it is so special to me - it is dear to my heart. It’s a personal triumph for me to have the opportunity to give back in anyway I can. Not so much as repayment but just in gratitude.

I’m not young anymore, but I’m still homeless. This church just opens it’s heart up to everyone who comes, it don’t turn anyone in need away - for food - or clothing - or spiritual support – or just being a shoulder to lean on or just a hug. Things like that make a difference - just a smile or a hug can make a difference.

That alone does my heart well, it truly it does. That’s the importance of that for me. When I help in the clothes closet I know I’m helping these kids to see a smile or have a warm meal or get the clothes and things they need. It may not seem that much to you but for them it means the world, to know that there is someone who cares about them.

What it does for me? It gratifies me - it helps me. If I’m at the church cleaning up the closet it helps keep me from being idle and not entertaining things that aren’t healthy for me or put me in risky situations.

Youth are especially important to me, they’re like little sponges or computers they soak up everything. Being able to provide them with food, and clothing, and support - with all of the things they are going through - it helps to keep me sane as an individual to know that that’s happening and I’m helping.

Grace Place is very special for me and I’m just grateful to have the opportunity to do that.


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