New Lutherans Questions

Last Saturday's Grace's 'New Lutherans' class began by asking "What questions do you have about Lutherans and about Grace?" We wanted to include our entire community in the discussion. What do you think about these questions?

  • Will I be included if I don't know as much about the Bible as some others?
  • What if I've never had an "aha" moment or conversation experience?
  • What is the role of science in faith? How does science work with traditional church teachings?
  • Are their Lutheran missionaries? Do Lutherans recruit?
  • Is Grace an all gay church?
  • What do Lutherans teach about political and social activism, either for individuals or churches?
  • What is the ELCA? What is Grace's relationship with other Lutherans?
  • How do ELCA Lutherans view other religions and faiths?
  • Do Lutherans accept/support LGBTQ people?
  • What do Lutherans believe about the Trinity?
What do you think about these questions? Let's have a conversation about our faith and how it affects our lives?

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