‘Throw-Away’ Children

In the 1980’s, when people began to recognize the growing homeless crisis in the U.S. a new category of victims was identified– throw-away children.

We all knew about the mentally ill, substance abusers, veterans, and the down and out, but I remember being astonished and appalled that this new category had entered our vocabulary with such ease.

When did we, as a society, become so jaded that we could speak about children with such indifference? If ever there was a need for the church to tackle an issue, it was certainly this. And when the members of Grace decided to help these children in our city, I knew that I wanted to be involved.

My husband and I first met Pastor Lura when she came to Houston in 2008, and we were inspired by her enthusiasm and strength as she began her ministry in serving the members of Grace.

We stayed in touch, and we watched as the talent shows and the pride parades coupled with Bible study and Sunday sermons gave the congregation a new vitality.

Underneath the fun, there was always the command from Christ to “love your neighbor as yourself.” As the congregation methodically set about determining how they would follow that great command, Montrose Grace Place was born.

The preplanning, the organization, and the mobilization of partners were remarkable. It was clear from the beginning that the physical needs of the children would be addressed and, more importantly, that they would experience genuine love and concern.

Each Sunday during worship, we share the peace of Christ with those sitting near us. I see the liturgy as a rehearsal for encounters throughout the week, and Grace Place provides me the opportunity to share that peace with these sacred—and scared-- youngsters who so desperately need food, friends, and hope.


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