Grace Hosts ‘Dialogue: Racism’

Grace Lutheran Church, in cooperation with Houston Community Colleges will host “Dialogue: Racism” presented by the Center for the Healing of Racism on February 19 and 26.

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The two day training, held from 9 am to 4 pm both days, will provide a safe, respectful and loving atmosphere for individuals to learn new information, share experiences, and ask questions about race and racism.

Multiple topics will be covered including a presentation of the films “The Way Home” and “Ethnic Notions” which explore the history of racism in America and the way that sterotypes and caricatures in media have fueled prejudice.

Participants will explore how people of good will can perpetuate racism unintentionally and discuss how to identify the positions of privilege and cultural conditioning that allow this behavior.

The history of the notion of “race” and how living in a racist society affects people of color will also be explored. Attendees will be asked how our institutions give race social meaning and power and will be encouraged to discuss institutional responsibility to confront racism.

The training includes a screening of the film “Healing the Hurts” which depicts the affects of residential schools on indigenous people and their culture.

Registration is required for the training. Please call the Center for the Healing of Racism at 713-520-8226 to register, leaving the names and phone numbers of persons attending or email the same information to

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