‘Take This Bread’ Reading Group Starts Jan 12

Take this bread book cover showing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich cut so that the red jelly showing through the cuts forms a crossStarting January 12 and continuing through February 16 members and friends of Grace Lutheran Church are invited to join in a group discussion of the book “Take This Bread” by Sara Miles on Wednesday nights at 8 pm.

The book tells the personal story of Sara Miles, raised as an atheist, Miles lived an enthusiastically secular life as a restaurant cook and writer. Then early one morning, for no earthly reason, she wandered into a church. "I was certainly not interested in becoming a Christian," she writes. "Or, as I thought of it rather less politely, a religious nut."

The story of an unexpected and terribly inconvenient Christian conversion, told by a very unlikely convert, Take This Bread is not only a spiritual memoir but a call to action.

From the book’s prologue:

“I became a Christian, claiming a faith that many of my fellow believers want to exclude me from; following a God my unbelieving friends see as archaic superstition. At a time when Christianity in America is popularly represented by ecstatic teen crusaders in suburban megachurches, slick preachers proclaiming the 'gospel' of prosperity, and shrewd political organizers who rail against evolution, gay marriage and stem-cell research, it's crucial to understand what faith actually means in the lives of people very different from one another. Why would any thinking person become a Christian? How can anyone reconcile the hateful politics of much contemporary Christianity with Jesus' imperative to love? What are the deepest ideas of this contested religion, and what do they mean in real life?

In this book I look at the Gospel that moved me, the bread that changed me and the work that saved me, to begin a spiritual and an actual communion across the divides.”

The book can be purchased on-line here If you can not purchase the book on-line and would like to participate in the class please contact the office so that arrangements can be made to provide you with a copy.

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