Let Emotions Fill Your Heart, Not Your Mind

“Let emotions fill your heart, not your mind” that is one line that I carry with me. The talent that walks through the doors of Montrose Grace Place has been astonishing.

I did not expect to meet such musically talented youth. Each week I am able to hear some soulful singing, playful rapping, drum, guitar, or piano playing along side deliveries of powerful and personal song lyrics and poetry, including that line.

Montrose Grace Place offers a safe and welcoming environment with a home cooked meal, activities, and talk time for homeless youth of all identities. I have been very grateful for the opportunity to experience each night with the youth. Never did I expect to meet, connect with, and learn from such amazing young people at MGP.

As each young person opens up I am inspired by watching the teens become comfortable with being themselves around other youth and volunteers. They have shown so much bravery choosing to accept and embrace their beautifully unique identities. Unfortunately, their bravery has been misunderstood as many these young people have been rejected by their families.

Recently, I was able to paint the nails of a male teen and I was proud that he was comfortable enough to let me do this while he knew he could be made fun of anytime for participating in a such gender variant activity.

Unsure about the color he chose, he asked me, “you think this color looks good on me?” I gave a big smile and replied “I think it looks great!”

At the end of the night, another teen felt free and safe enough to take off the suit they were wearing and put on a dress from our clothes closet. Witnessing this sent a wave of joy, excitement, and relief through my body as I knew that this person knew they would accepted at MGP, not because of the clothes they were wearing, but simply because they deserved acceptance.

I look forward to continuing my journey with Montrose Grace Place as we provide a safe space for all youth to express their individual identities.


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