Current Grace Place Donation Opportunities

Grace Lutheran Church is privileged to host Montrose Grace Place, a safe, welcoming environment for vulnerable homeless youth of all sexualities and genders, providing nourishment, healthy relationships, and hope for the future. Read more about Montrose Grace Place on the Grace Place page.

Each week, as part of Grace Place, the kids have an opportunity to visit the clothes closet, unfortunately we do not always have the items that our Grace Place youth are seeking. We need your help to supply our clothes closet with these items, which have been specifically requested by the youth that visit Grace Place each week:

New Combs and Brushes
Shoe Polish (Brown and Black)
Pants and Jeans in all sizes
Size 10 shoes
Toddler Diapers (such as pull ups) sizes 2T—3T
XXXL Panties
Baby Blankets
Travel Size Hair Gel
Size 44D Bra
Travel Size Q-Tips
Baby Wipes
Small Journals/Notebooks
Heavy Winter Coats
Sleeping Bags
New Socks

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