Christian Accountability

Do you talk about your faith? Not about your church, or your ministry roles in the church – not prostulatizing or evangelism – do you talk about your faith? How does it affect your life? How does it inform your decisions?

The Christian Accountability group at Grace provides a set time every week to have conversations about faith. It meets Sunday Mornings at 9 am. The group is a time for people to get together to share how they’ve lived their faith that week.

We talk about our relationships all the time – our relationships our spouses or significant others – our relationships with our parents, children and siblings – with our bosses coworkers and employees – but we rarely take the time to talk about our relationship with God.

Led by a different person from the congregation each week the group is an opportunity to discuss questions:

“How was your prayer life this week?”
“How do you pray when you sing?”
“How do we balance our call to forgive with our need to protect ourselves?”

The idea for the group came out of one of Grace’s favorite pastimes – conversation over coffee. Christian Accountability is an attempt at being intentional about those conversations through informal conversations.

Grace’s Christian Accountability group is open to people at all stages of their faith journey.

There is no expectation of a weekly commitment but participants will get more out of the group through regular attendance.

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