Acting the Parables’ Begins October 20

How did Jesus teach people? How did Jesus reveal important truths to his listeners? How did Jesus get people to have an active response to what he said? Jesus told Parables!—short, simple stories told to illustrate a lesson.

As St. Matthew writes in verse 34 of chapter 13 of his gospel: “Indeed he said nothing to them without a parable.” And, in telling parables to set forth his teaching, Jesus was, in fact, following a long line of rabbinic tradition of using stories to illustrate a lesson.

Beginning on Wednesday evening, October 20, at 7:45pm after Vespers and continuing through November 17, you will have the opportunity to be an active participant in some of the parables that Jesus told as part of his ministry.

How will we do that? As a way to deepen our understanding and response to the parables, we will be using a Reader’s Theatre approach to interpreting what Jesus was telling us through his stories.

And now you probably are asking: what exactly is Reader’s Theatre? It is a dramatic presentation by readers who read a script aloud, using oral interpretation and characterization; it is a cross between oral interpretation (solo oral reading) and a fully staged theatrical production. Usually involving performing with scripts in hand and emphasizing narration and storytelling,

Reader’s Theatre challenges the readers and the audience to use their imaginations rather than focusing on what would be happening onstage during a traditional theatrical performance.

Reader’s Theatre is not a new way of experiencing scripture. It may go back as far as ancient Greece and it still thrives in the Christian liturgy in the group reading of the Gospel on Palm Sunday and Good Friday.

Reader’s Theatre is dramatic ministry allowing for creative presentation without having to make elaborate sets and memorize lines. It is an effective and intriguing way for us to breathe new life into what we “think we have heard.”

We will focus on a different parable each week by reading a script version of the story, followed by discussion of our individual responses to the story.

No acting experience is necessary. No memorization of lines. Just a willingness to read a part if you would like to do that, or to just listen and respond to what you hear.

So, please join us after Vespers beginning October 20, and experience scripture in a challenging and exciting way!

Peace and Joy,


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