Dinner Dialogues Registration Now Open

Dinner Dialogues is the cornerstone event of the Greater Houston Amazing Faiths Project. In this annual event, people gather in groups of 8-10 in private homes to share a meal and engage in a moderated discussion about the role of faith or spirituality in their lives.

Dinner guests and Hosts can register at www.imgh.org. Hosts agree to open their home and prepare a simple, nutritious meal for themselves and the guests. Hosts are trained in what kind of foods are appropriate for this event. The Project organizers provide support for them in meeting any dietary restrictions for guests, i.e. vegetarian, kosher, halal, etc.

Each group discussion is managed by a moderator. Moderators are chosen and trained by the Project's staff to facilitate the conversation in a structured way that creates a safe space for all to share and listen. Moderators are provided by the organizers, hosts are not expected to moderate.
Guests share a meal together and dialogue with the use of dialogue cards, which contain thought-provoking questions about the broad themes present in nearly all faith traditions and worldviews.

During the meal and conversation, dialogue participants listen to each other as each person answers the questions on their dialogue cards. Unstructured, "free" time is provided at the end of the evening for more social and spontaneous sharing. People usually exchange contact information at this time so that they may stay in touch with their new friends.

Many groups continue to meet together informally long after the dialogue event, either by participating together at additional Project events or by organizing their own social occasions as friends.

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