Our Bodies- Broken and Whole

What is a Christian response to disability?

All of our bodies are good, and made in the image of God. And some of our bodies walk faster than others, some not at all. Some of us see very well, some not as well as we used to. Are our differences a reflection of the brokenness in the world, or another way of being created as good?

Are some bodies “better” than others? What about those of us living with mental illness, and learning disabilities?

What are the justice issues surrounding ability and disability? Who speaks for people with disabilities? Who decides how our buildings are shaped, and how information gets communicated in our churches?

And how do we live together as the body of Christ?

These are just some of the conversations we’ll have in this special Christian Education Unit- Our Bodies, Broken and Whole. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is putting together a statement on Disability, and we’ll be studying an early draft, as well as some of the critiques coming out of Lutheran Disability Rights circles.

Wednesday nights, September 8-October 6 at 7:45, after Vespers. If your body needs food at this time, bring some to eat or share.

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