My Choir Ministry

DavidYes golden throats and joyful noise makers, that wonderful time of our church calendar year is upon us.

It’s choir time and we are hoping all of those involved in this blessed collection of voices will hop on board again and as is always the case, newcomers are not only welcomed but encouraged to come join in!

Those who have been involved know the joys of giving back the vocal gifts that we’ve been blessed with to the Lord in praise while adding pageantry and song to our awesome worship service.

For those of you who might not feel so blessed, you are welcome to join us anyway!
Who knows, you just might be able to do something that we here below rarely get a chance to do—lay a guilt trip upon the almighty for not doing better in this department. I will definitely add an Amen and hope that it’s not off-key!
Since our returning flock knows the drill my addressing of our church family with this diatribe is directed at our future members.
In the combination of those who have been sitting on the sideline and those of you who are new to us, I have heard some great voices among those numbers and am hoping that you will come forward.
If you have some reservations, I would like to share a few things with you. Don’t let the fact that you have been tossing it around for awhile keep you from coming to join us. I first attended Grace in 2006, four years after being invited so you can probably guess that I finally joined our singing legion in 2008.

Chances are pretty good that I had some of the same reservations that you have.
Number one, while I have a good enough voice, I am not the most technical person in the world and I don’t read music, so it’s been kind of like one of those wild theme park rides, following notes to determine if they go up or down and when things spread out or run together. It has been fun for me and harrying for Bob Olson, our choir director, but we’re learning to co-exist! So don’t let either of those two things stop you.

Realizing that we are not a professional choral group musically, Bob has been good about choosing beautiful but not overly complicated pieces of music. Our numbers varying from a dozen to not very many are another part of that process.

Secondly, I have a continuing case of pleurisy which means that the lining of my lungs become congested merely at the climate change from one room to the next. Being concerned that all or nothing might come out has been no problem. A squeak and a honk here or there keeps the church maintenance people on their toes and things get lubricated and tightened. Furthermore, we all hit a bad one from time to time, so don’t let that deter you either.

And above all else, if you are one of those people that thinks choir sounds good, but it isn’t cool, let not your heart, voice and soul be troubled, I am the cool police around here and if you have a problem with somebody, send them to me!!

In all seriousness, being a part of our choir has become not only a huge part of my religious experience here at Grace, but something a little extra that I’m able to take with me throughout the week.

When you’re standing up front looking out over our beautiful sanctuary giving a musical witness to our Lord and our fellow members, it will leave you with an indescribable feeling—I guarantee it.

Come join us, You won’t be disappointed!


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