Jump Start Choir!

It’s that time again! Choir starts again on September 1, 2010 in the choir “loft” at 6:15 PM. We will also be rehearsing on Sunday mornings at 10 AM prior to the service.

All are welcome to join us. A solo voice is not needed nor the ability to read music, just a love of singing and a desire to you that talent to the glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Being a member of choir does not just mean providing a musical interlude during the offering. It is much more. The music the choir sings is meant to enhance the worship service by keeping with the liturgical “theme” of the day but we also provide leadership with the liturgy and singing of the hymns.

New hymns are constantly being written and every attempt is made via the selection of hymns to offer a variety of styles in our hymn singing. Not only the old Lutheran “standards” but also contemporary, gospel, spiritual and other forms of hymnody with the ultimate goal and focusing on the theme of the day for any given Sunday.

No one can possible know every hymn written nor like every hymn that is sung so variety is the only real answer to hymn selection.

The Choir provides the leadership to get through those new or different hymns that speak to us theologically, even if not musically.

Consider joining us this fall. We try to keep rehearsal time to the appointed times and schedule it so that those coming on Wednesday can remain for the weekly vespers service and those rehearsing on Sunday can still attend the Adult classes and yet be prepared for the worship service.
Luther has been known to quote an old proverb “One who sings, prays twice”. The combination of words (theology) and music have long strengthened the emotion and stirred our thoughts and prayers.

Can you imagine a suspenseful movie with music or perhaps even a love scene. Turn off the sound and watch a movie with just sub-titles sometime and see if it invokes the same emotions.
Luther also states that “Music is a great and glorious Gift of God”. Just another reason that the Lutheran church has traditionally been called "the Singing Church".

Consider joining us this fall. What better way to worship and enjoy the friendship and fellowship of a great bunch of people.

For more information contact any choir member or myself. If you cannot make a commitment to every Sunday, that is fine too! We are a flexible group and adapt to each situation as it arises. Also if you would consider doing some “special” music some Sunday, please contact me.

See you in September!

Bob Olsen
Director of Music

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