So many times have I heard about the church facing despair, disruption, and fracture over the issue of the social statement on human sexuality. It seems to be a running threat of those opposed and a fear of those in favor. If we pass this will the church fracture? What will happen to the unity of the church? This is a theme promoted and probably hoped for by the media hoping to generate news. With the disruption of the church among our Episcopalian brothers and sister over the issue of human sexuality it is easy to predict a similar outcome for our church. Seeds of discontent have already been sown and without a doubt there will be some that will choose to leave should we open the church to all of those who would be willing to follow in Christ's shoes. I write this not in hopes of further stirring this fear but in hopes that you will all join me in prayer that this will not be our fate and hope that we as a church can move forward. It is my prediction that this sexuality statement may very well pass and that we will allow the ordination of ministers in same sex relationships. And it is my opinion that this is the right thing to do with absolutely no reservation in my heart. It is also my realization that no human is prefect and that there are several who will be offended or will feel assaulted by this conclusion. I urge you to pray for them, as they will enter a time of trial and tribulation wherein they will feel their church becoming distant from them. Even as I hear thier words condeming me, my sexuality, and the way in which I live my life, I pray that they come to the eventual conclusion that we are all children of God. And even if they never change their opinion on the subject of homosexuality and its realtion to God's plan for our lives, that they come to the realization that God reaches out to all people of all persuasions of thought and lifestyle. No man has a monopoly on God's word and God's teachings and we should as supporters of full inclusion within the church reach out to those who feel distanced, and yes even hurt, by these changes while at the same time holding onto our position and realizing that we must do the right thing and support the statement.

Chris Busby

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  1. "No man has a monopoly on God's word." -Were you accidental in your description of humanity here, or were you allowing for the possibility that a woman might have a monopoly on the Word? ;)

    Good commentary! Here's what I think about church unity:

    Perhaps the denomination structure of the ELCA will change as a result of policy change, perhaps not. But the church will remain united- because our denomination is not the church, and our unity is in Christ.

    Pastor Lura