So if you haven't heard already we have passed the reccommendations allowing the rostering of openly gay clergy in monogamous life long realtionships(guess how many times I heard that phrase during the debate) and the blessing of same sex partnerships. Some opponents have threatened scism and to leave the church. Others have said they will dissapointedly try and remain.

The totality of the events have left me both upset, angry, and full of joy. Now no longer do Gay Lesbian and Bisexual people have to face the exclusion of the church. Instead we face many who find the inclusion of certain people in the church so offensive that they would withdraw themselves from the church as a whole. The hurtful words of opponents and the child-like attitude with which they have carried their arguments have created a portion of me that wants to say "Go ahead!" But that is not what Jesus calls me or any of us to do. For he told us to turn the other cheek and love our enemy as we love ourselves. I instead realize that those who would oppose my inclusion in the church are growing in their spiritual life and are far from perfect just as I am. It is easy to close oneself off from those that have caused pain, but part of Jesus' grace is that he heals all wounds for those who ask. So let us ask that Jesus heal the wounds in this church and in those who have found pain in the past week so that one day maybe opponents of the changes that we have made may join hand in hand with us and celebrate God's message to ALL of his children.

Chris Busby

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