Good News!

Just a quick notice for those who are following the assembly closely.

The Sexuality Statement passed, with minimal revision! We squeaked by, with a bare 2/3 majority, but we made it!

Please keep in prayers of thanksgiving those who have worked SO hard to help this process come to conclusion, but also keep in prayers those who opposed this development. They believe wholeheartedly that this statement damages the fabric of our church. We may not agree with them on issues of sexual orientation, but we, as sisters and brothers in Christ, must feel their pain and their distress, and be concerned about unity and healing.

Let us not celebrate these developments with mean-spiritedness or violence of thought or conscience. These are people who love this church as much as we do, and who want what they believe is best. Let us work with them -- in physical and spiritual ways -- toward healing and unification.

More to come later this evening, hopefully.

Laura B

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