After a long Day

Pastor Lura here, with a rambling reflection.

Being here hurts sometimes. I don't always feel my emotions as I should, but all over my body I can feel the tension and stress.

It isn't that things have been so bad- I've had graceful interactions with beatiful people, as well as difficult moments. There is a spirit of listening, praying, moving here, a spirit I can only call the Spirit. The vast majority of my interactions with strangers have been unsuccessful in swaying votes: they "come out" as supporters before I come out as me. The one conversation I had with an "opponent" was friendly and affectionate. And I'm among strong and bold friends.

But still, but still, my inclusion in the life of the church is being debated, voted on. Even civilly, even with a good chance for change, this is hard.

Being present to the emotions, both mine and those of Grace members is important. But so is retiring to my room, for a bath and some good yoga. I'm taking care of myself, and reminding our Grace members to do the same.

But please, continue to pray for us here.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, being voted on is hard. In fact, I vote no on being voted on. But unfortunately, that's not how it goes. The tension I feel here so far from there is enough. I can only imagine how it feels there. Holding you in prayer and approving liberal uses of baths and yoga.

    I'm also breathing a word of thanks for civil discussion. After the larger culture's spectacle at healthcare meetings, I'm proud to be in the Lutheran subculture.